Republicans and Latinos

Republicans have been trying to add Latino voters into their base, but the success rate for it have been less. About 70 percent of Latinos are registered as Democrats and the Republican Party is not very successful in attracting Latinos with them. Republicans claim that Latinos are misunderstood, but are always fit for the party’s success.

Many people have a view that the Latino population in the US is a socially conservative group having strict Catholic values. The Republican base has same core values, but the difference is that Latinos are not socially conservative as Republicans think about them. There are different demographic levels within the US Latino community. for more details, visit :

Republicans and Latinos

The US Latino community has been broken down into generations. It is the best way to find match and mismatch between the Republicans and Latinos. First generation and foreign-born Latinos are considered to have conserved political beliefs. There is greater influence of religion in Latin American countries. These people have conservative ideas on the issues like homosexuality or abortion. click here for more information.

2nd and 3rd generation Latino Americans are liberal than their ancestors for many issues. They began getting into the liberal category and they have increased the liberal views for their younger generations. This was the time in which Latino-Americans began a secular mode in the US. People used to think that Republicans had the most appropriate match with 1st generation Latinos because the core beliefs were quite similar.

Latinos are constantly growing in number in the USA and it is quite essential that the GOP capitalization grows on the associated demographic areas by burying the differences between people. Republicans still hope that Latinos will be added to their groups, but the upcoming generations prefer Democratic views than the Republican ones. However, republicans have been into the process of attracting Latinos, but the views of new people are quite liberal than their forefathers.