Andrew Bick Protein House

Increasing popularity of Protein House by Andy Bick

Protein House is a great chain of restaurants having roots in the USA. The concept was introduced by nutrition experts Andy Bick and Larissa Reis. It is a great franchise to own because the basic trend in society is going toward health based food items and Protein House has everything for vegetarian and non vegetarian people. Whether you are a vegan, meat lover or complete vegetarian, you will get ample of choices in the menu. Protein House has healthy and nutritious dense meals to offer to their clients who are passionate about their fitness goals and long term stability in health.

Andy and Lisa were professional athletes in their career and travel in many times all over the world. The fitness industry is growing rapidly and people are becoming more careful about their health than before. There are many food items serving as a perfect fuel for the body and Protein House has figured out the most amazing dishes for the people according to their anticipation. The initiators have got a lot of recognition and respect for their exclusive concept and they have given a healthy bliss in form of restaurant to the society.

Protein House Franchise

Protein House franchise is available for the serious businesspersons who are ready to invest their money, time and sincerity for this healthy food chain. There are many privileges given for initiating the business and you will get all the help from the company; from administrative to managerial approach. You will be linked up with the best real estate professionals to get the right location status for the restaurant and also, there will be assistance in making the beautiful interior of the restaurant.

The menu of Protein House has many recipes crafted by the expert athletes and renowned chefs. You will get many royalties in the upcoming years; after opening the restaurant. As a franchise restaurant, your restaurant will be included in the professionally designed traffic having high traffic. There has been continuous web marketing done for all the regions and it will make people attracted towards your business. The franchise will be displayed on the main Protein House website and you can begin getting immediate response from the first day. The high end website providers will turn the menu items, special event pictures and contact information of your location.

Professional Training

In the beginning, there will be special training session for raising your new business. There will be training sessions given in regular intervals enlisting processes, business growth advises and effective marketing strategies. The expert management team will give guidance on every level to build better business opportunities. You will be able to achieve your individual and community goals by clearly getting instructions for the same.

R & D

You will have access to all the marketing research and developments to raise standards and business of your Protein House restaurant. These restaurants are unique and have exclusive concept. The innovative recipes, marketing practices, procedures and equipments will be constantly researched to give something new to the customers. There will be continuous market testing of new products, menu items and pricing. It will be a preferred approach to own a health-based restaurant and work in accordance to the industry standards to attain your goals.

Vendor relations

The top-notch services would be given from the preferred vendors of the company and there will be streamlined distribution of supplies meant for giving all the raw material at regular time and appropriate costs. The relation of company’s head office with the vendors will ensure that the franchisees get the most out of their investments and ultimately, get a great earning by meeting all the expenses sufficiently. There will be marketing assistance, intranet, web presence, ongoing vendor support, new product ideas and information shared with the restaurant franchise owner.

Product List

Protein House Menu consists of the options having great nutritional value and adequate protein content. The menu includes the following concepts:

  • Signature Breakfast
  • Signature Salads
  • Signature Burgers
  • Signature Pancakes
  • Smoothie or Bowl
  • Wraps
  • Desserts
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Juices

And much more.

The menu is increasing from time to time and there are specialized dishes crafted to attract the people for their fitness needs. Health food has attained a new successful approach with Protein House and it is spreading its name with the positive reviews of customers. Visiting this place will make you feel guilt free as you are going to get an amazing feel by eating the healthy and nutritious food.